Rebranding Announcement: Welcome to Alaskan Sights & Bites!

We are delighted to announce a new identity!

Following a meticulous rebranding process, we are replacing our previous name — Alaskan Footprints — with Alaskan Sights & Bites.

And in addition to this new name, we have also refreshed our logo, branding, and color scheme.

This move is a better reflection of who we are as a company, what we provide, and the place we call home.

The result is a fresh new look that retains the best qualities of our roots, but all while providing a clearer, more defined identity for our ongoing growth and success.

Does the Rebranding Change Anything?

Yes and no. Of course, our name, branding, and color scheme are now different. 

But everything you know and love about us is the same.

We are still leaders in guided walking food tours in Anchorage, Alaska.

And the passions that inspired us to start our tour company in the first place are burning as bright as ever.

We still love showcasing Anchorage’s thriving food scene to guests visiting our state and providing the kind of hospitality that Alaska is famed for.

Our mother raised us right, so we ensure everyone leaves with a full belly!

We’re still gifted storytellers who know all the fun and fascinating tales from Anchorage’s past; the kind of stories that help visitors get under the skin of a new destination.

The magic of travel, and all the opportunities it brings, is still something we cherish, be it meeting extraordinary people, tasting delicious new food, or visiting unique places.

You can rest assured, walking food tours with Alaskan Sights & Bites will still show you the very best of Alaska’s natural beauty, distinctive culture, and tasty cuisine.

And, of course, we’re still committed to providing an inclusive experience for all.

Everyone is welcome, no matter their race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality.

Our aim as Alaskan Sights & Bites is the same as it was as Alaskan Footprints — we want you to experience Anchorage like a local and send you home with memories you’ll never forget.

You can discover more about our story on the About Us page.

If you have any questions for us about anything we provide, please feel free to get in touch.

Are you ready to start planning your adventure in the Land of the Midnight Sun? 

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