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Embrace the Adventurous Spirit with Our Guided Tours in Anchorage, Alaska

Legend has it that the city of Anchorage, Alaska, used to have no guided walking food tours. Visitors to our fair city who were hungry for delicious food and fascinating tales from the past were left to fend for themselves.

But then came Alaskan Sights & Bites. That’s us! 

We excel at three-hour guided walking tours in and around Anchorage. We also offer customizable private tours that can last anywhere between three and eight hours. Due to the high demand for these tours, booking dates are limited.

We are the first and only specialists for Anchorage food tours. And as a homegrown company, we’re proud to support locally owned and operated small businesses that have the highest quality Alaskan food, drink, and treats.

While our guided tours of Anchorage are food-focused, we’re far from just a food tour company. 

Our outings are renowned for vivid, fascinating storytelling about the many interesting characters from Alaska’s history, as well as amusing anecdotes of growing up in the state.

And for the cherry on top, our experiences are truly immersive. We make sure to incorporate all the human senses on our tours.

In our expert hands, you’ll experience Alaska like a local, seeing and tasting the best that Anchorage and the surrounding areas have to offer!

Add in some lesser-known spots for incredible wildlife viewing and breathtaking vistas, and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable Alaskan experience.

And just as importantly, you’ll leave us with a deeper knowledge and appreciation for this unique place — the Land of the Midnight Sun. 

For more information about our guided food tours in Anchorage, AK, please feel free to get in touch.


Our Alaska Food Tours

Anchorage Walking Tour - Downtown Food & History
Featuring Tastes & Tales of the Land of the Midnight Sun
Spenard Food & True Crime Walking Tour
Walking Food and Drink Tour with a True Crime Twist
Anchorage City Tour
Due to demand, dates are limited
Private Tours in Anchorage
Full Day Food, Flora, & Fauna Tour

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Supporting Locally-Owned & Operated Small Businesses

About Alaskan Sights & Bites

Established by brothers Dan and Chris Morris, born-and-raised Alaskans with a passion for travel, Alaskan Sights & Bites is the only food-centered tour operator in the Anchorage area.

In fact, it was this penchant for world travel that inspired Dan and Chris to start this company!

Many warm and friendly people welcomed Dan and Chris to the place they call home during their solo trips overseas, making them feel more friend than stranger.

Now we want to do the same for people visiting Alaska!

We can’t wait to share the distinctive culture, natural beauty, and cuisine of our home city and state with you.

And in addition to a foodie twist, our guided Alaska food tours could include sightseeing and wildlife viewing, especially as part of bespoke corporate outings and private tours in Anchorage.

Learn more about Alaskan Sights & Bites and how we got started on the About Us page.

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