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Beautiful, wild, and rugged, Alaska has always been a blue-collar state, home to the working man. As a result, Alaskan cuisine centered around hearty and plentiful meals at an affordable price. But over the last decade, older Alaskans have moved back from the lower 48 with plentiful experience in the food industry. When combined with the impact of television, travel, and the internet, our home state has witnessed a rise in a more food-savvy population. This has contributed to a blossoming, more elevated food scene — and we’re excited to share it with you on our Anchorage day tours.

Because Alaska offers some of the very best fishing, game hunting, and foraging in the United States, our local eateries create unique cuisine using high-quality ingredients. Our mother raised us right and passed on to us the first-rate hospitality Alaska is known for. When you leave our Anchorage excursions, we promise you’ll do so with a full belly! And while our Anchorage tours are food-focused, there’s so much more to them than culinary delights. 

Our local guides are famous for their vivid, fascinating storytelling. Tales cover everything from the many interesting characters throughout Alaska’s history to amusing anecdotes of growing up in the state. What’s more, our tours incorporate all the human senses for a truly immersive experience. There’s no better way to get to know more about the history and culture of this great state on a culinary adventure led by our charming local guides.

For more information about our Anchorage, Alaska trips, please read our FAQs. If we haven’t addressed your question, or you simply want to speak with us directly now, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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