In Search of the Best Burger in Anchorage, Alaska — Part 1

As the co-owner of Alaskan Sights & Bites, a premier food tour company in Anchorage, my culinary journey often takes unexpected turns. Recently, however, my focus has been on the quintessential comfort food — burgers. 

Anchorage, with its diverse gastronomic scene, hides gems waiting to be discovered, and it’s my duty to unearth the city’s best burgers. In the spirit of sharing exceptional experiences, I’m embarking on a quest to find the burger that transcends expectations, delivering not just a meal but a taste of Anchorage’s distinct culinary identity. 

This is part one of my exploration to find Anchorage’s perfect burger. I’ll be armed with an appetite for adventure and the same passion for finding and sharing the best local flavors that underpins our guided food tours in Anchorage

For my wife and me, Alaskan Burger and Brew has been a go-to spot for the past couple of years, partly due to its proximity to our residence. As a self-proclaimed burger aficionado, I’ve decided they would make a great starting point for my quest with a review of their basic cheeseburger. 

So, let’s get started! And if any questions come to mind as we go, please just contact us for the answers you need. 

Alaskan Burgers and Brew

Seeking Anchorage’s Best Burger: Alaskan Burger & Brew

You can find Alaskan Burger & Brew at 5121 Arctic Blvd H, Anchorage, AK 99503. They are open seven days a week, 11 am to 10 pm.

At the time of writing, they have 307 Reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.9 Stars. Alaskan Burger & Brew offers walk-in sit-down dining, online ordering, and pickup.

Alaskan Burger & Brew Menu Delights

Before delving into the specifics of their cheeseburger, let’s explore the tantalizing array of options Alaskan Burger & Brew presents. With 13 different burgers on the menu, ranging from classic choices to inventive combinations, there’s something for every burger enthusiast. The menu showcases vegetarian options like the Impossible burger and creative choices like the Mac & Cheese burger. The Alaskan Halibut burger highlights our exceptional regional flavors, which is something we explore further in the blog 5 Dishes That You Have to Eat in Alaska

Prices range from $11.95 to $18.95, ensuring a choice for every budget. 

Complementing this, the beverage selection is equally impressive, featuring a wide variety of draft beers and an extensive choice of canned, bottled, and fountain drinks. Additionally, the menu boasts a daily dessert option, tempting those with a sweet tooth, and offers three enticing salad choices — salmon, chicken, and burger salads — providing a refreshing alternative for those seeking lighter fare.

Alaskan Burgers and Brew menu

Breaking Down This Contender for Best Burger in Anchorage

The Bun

One of the standout features at Alaskan Burger & Brew is their impeccable bun. It’s toasted to perfection, with the added touch of their logo seared into the top. The bread strikes the ideal balance, being soft and full without overwhelming your palate when you take that first bite. 

The Toppings

Opting for their regular cheeseburger this time, I must admit a slight disappointment in the toppings department. The burger came with a solitary slice of tomato, pickles, a small piece of lettuce, and a dash of onions. While the sauce — what seemed to be a well-seasoned mix of mayo and ketchup — added a flavorful kick, the toppings on a basic burger seemed somewhat lacking. Given the generous half-pound patty, I expected a more robust assortment to complement the meat. 

Before I take a closer look at the all-important patty, be sure to read our blog Why Choose a Food Tour in Anchorage, Alaska? when you have finished here. My quest to find the best burger in Anchorage barely scratches the surface of the city’s rich and diverse culinary scene. Joining a food and sightseeing tour is the perfect way to find the best local bites while connecting with Anchorage’s culture and history.

Alaskan Burgers and Brew patty

The Patty

Addressing the heart of any burger experience, the half-pound patty at Alaskan Burger & Brew guarantees you won’t leave the table hungry. It’s worth noting that during the ordering process, I wasn’t asked about my preferred patty doneness. However, I believe that if requested, the accommodating staff would have gladly adjusted.

This time, the patty arrived well done, which is okay for me, although a touch more medium might have added an extra layer of juiciness. The patty was visibly flattened during grilling, a departure from my previous experiences where I remember patties being plumper and juicier. Despite this, the beef was well-seasoned, offering distinct flavors within the meat. 

The patty exterior had a hint of char, reminiscent of flame grilling, although a peek into the kitchen revealed a flat-top cooking method. While I thoroughly enjoyed the taste, I couldn’t help but wonder if a medium-cooked patty might enhance the overall experience. For future visits, I’ll specifically request a medium patty to explore how it alters the texture and juiciness.

Alaskan Burgers and Brew fries

The Fries

No burger experience is complete without the perfect side of fries. At Alaskan Burgers & Brew, the steak fries steal the show. Seasoned to perfection and cooked just right, they’re a highlight for my wife. In fact, they’ve become her favorite part of the meal. A large handful accompanies the burger on the plate, but you’re always left wanting more. 

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Overall Dining Experience

The Alaskan theme permeates the dining area, creating an inviting atmosphere. Bear hides adorn the walls, adding a rustic touch, while a central fire pit adds warmth and a cozy ambiance. Seating comprises comfortable wooden benches — maintaining the rustic charm without compromising comfort — single chairs, and barstools. The small separate bar area, distinct from the main dining, adds an intimate element to the overall experience. 

Upon entering, you head to a walk-up counter to place your order. You’re then free to take a seat; the friendly staff brings your food directly to your chosen spot. This setup enhances the casual and laid-back vibe, making the dining experience at Alaskan Burger & Brew not just a meal but a relaxed and enjoyable outing.

Is This the Best Burger in Anchorage?

After indulging in the delights at Alaskan Burger & Brew, my overall burger experience left a lasting impression. The meticulously toasted bun, the flavorsome half-pound patty, and the tantalizing menu options contribute to a memorable dining affair. While the toppings on the basic cheeseburger left me desiring a touch more diversity, the exceptional fries, seasoned to perfection and cooked just right, were a standout feature, earning high praise. 

The cozy ambiance, adorned with bear hides and the warmth of a central fire pit, adds to the overall appeal. 

Considering the delightful culinary journey, the charming Alaskan theme, and the inviting atmosphere, I would rate this burger experience an 8 out of 10

This rating is a testament to the dedication Alaskan Burger & Brew puts into crafting a burger that not only satiates the appetite but also tells a flavorful tale of Anchorage’s culinary landscape. 

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