Tailor-Made Private Tours in Anchorage

Anchorage Private Tours Tailored to Any Need

Once upon a time, a family heading to Anchorage on vacation wanted to create a custom tour that allowed them to explore this part of Alaska on their terms. They wanted a dedicated, knowledgeable guide to show them around, immersing them in the city’s and the state’s diverse culture and fascinating history. And, as foodies, they also wanted to discover the best of Anchorage’s thriving culinary scene.

So, did this family get what they wanted? Absolutely! At Alaskan Sights & Bites, we provide private tours that offer personal and customized experiences for anyone visiting the place we call home. Our expert team can tailor bespoke private tours in Anchorage and the surrounding areas to meet practically any need.

We craft private itineraries to suit specific schedules, preferences, and interests. On a custom tour, you spend more time at the restaurants and sights that you find most interesting, and none at the ones you don’t. We offer options for fine and casual dining within our private tours in Anchorage as well as local sightseeing with an emphasis on unique storytelling, local history, and Alaskan culture.

Due to high demand, booking dates for private tours are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Browse our full range of Anchorage guided tours and check out what’s under the ‘Coming Soon’ tab on the menu above to help inspire your adventure. You can include anything you see in our pre-planned tours in your own private itinerary. For even more ideas, we have also provided some of the bespoke itineraries we have created for previous customers below.

On our Anchorage private tours, one of our expert guides will lead your party, sharing stories about the events and characters that shaped the Alaska we know today. And best of all, they allow your group to spend quality time together while getting the most out of a visit to Alaska. Since each private tour is unique, pricing varies depending on group size, the time of year, and the specific nature of your interests.

Please get in touch for an accurate quote based on your group’s needs, and keep in mind that advance notice is always appreciated.

Our private tours in Anchorage are excellent for private groups of any kind and size, from solo travelers and couples to families and groups of friends. We also offer corporate tours in Anchorage, which are perfect for incentive programs, team-building events, and much more.

What to Expect on Private Tours in Anchorage

  • A personalized and customizable experience, tailored to your interests and preferences.
  • A dedicated tour guide who will provide expert knowledge and insights about the sights and attractions visited.
  • A comfortable and convenient mode of transportation, depending on the tour.
  • High-quality customer service and support from the Alaskan Sights & Bites team, before and during the tour.
  • A unique and memorable experience that offers an in-depth look at the destination.
  • The opportunity to learn about local history, culture, and traditions from an engaging professional tour guide.
  • The option to request specific sights or attractions to be included in the tour.

Suggested Activities for Anchorage Private Tours

  • Fun and fascinating guided hikes through Alaska’s jaw-dropping landscapes
  • Learn to cook Alaskan cuisine with a private chef, followed by a guided tour
  • Delicious private dinner with a personal chef along with a guided tour
  • Visit any of the amazing destinations or natural wonders within 2 hours of Anchorage
  • Tours in and around Anchorage complete with an exquisite gourmet picnic

Sample Itineraries for Private Tours in Anchorage

A Grand Anchorage Expedition: An Unforgettable Group Journey

In the midst of a fleeting visit to Anchorage, travel agency owner Rhonda Lathen with Culinary Latitudes Travel, was determined to offer her group of 28 clients an unmatched Alaskan experience. With such a large group to impress, she enlisted Alaskan Sights & Bites for an exclusive tour. This story recounts their remarkable day—from the moment of their arrival at the train depot to their departure, enriched by the essence of Alaska.

Afternoon Arrival and Welcome
The group’s adventure began at the Alaska Railroad’s Bill Sheffield Depot Station at Ted Stevens International Airport, where they were warmly welcomed by our guide and driver. Aboard a spacious motorcoach, equipped to comfortably accommodate both the guests and their luggage, they embarked on an afternoon of exploration. The excitement was palpable as we set off, leaving no trace of travel weariness behind.

Anchorage Unveiled: A Sightseeing Odyssey
Our journey through Anchorage was meticulously planned to include stops at the city’s most iconic and breathtaking locales. Each destination was a chapter in Alaska’s vast story, brought to life by our expert guide.

A tranquil morning scene with a sweeping view of a forested valley leading to snow-capped mountains under a clear sky, perfect for sightseeing.

Some of the stops we made on this Anchorage private tour included:

  • Earthquake Park: Here, amidst serene beauty, the group learned about the formidable force of nature that reshaped Anchorage in 1964. The stories of resilience and recovery resonated deeply, offering a poignant start to our tour.
  • Point Woronzof: Offering stunning views over the Cook Inlet, this stop provided a moment of reflection and the perfect backdrop for group photos that captured the essence of an Alaskan adventure.
  • Lake Hood: As the world’s busiest seaplane base, Lake Hood was a hub of aerial—a unique Alaskan lifeline—and the tales of remote village connectivity and daring bush pilots.
  • Beluga Point: Along the scenic Turnagain Arm, Beluga Point offered breathtaking vistas and sightings of its namesake whales—but for the latter, your luck needs to be in! This locale was a highlight, where the majesty of Alaskan wildlife and landscapes was on full display.
  • Dining Finale at a Local Gem: As afternoon became evening, we ushered our guests into a renowned local restaurant and taphouse. Seated in an exclusive private room, they were treated to a sumptuous three-course meal, each dish showcasing the best of local cuisine, accompanied by a selection of fine drinks. Here, amidst laughter and lively storytelling, the group savored not only the flavors of Alaska but also the warmth of its hospitality.
  • Evening Farewell and Departure: With hearts full and spirits high, the day concluded with our motorcoach journey to Ted Stevens International Airport. The ride was a time for reflection, sharing impressions and stories, solidifying friendships, and making plans for future reunions.

As we bid farewell to our guests at the airport, it was clear that their brief sojourn in Anchorage, facilitated by Alaskan Sights & Bites, was more than just a tour; it was an immersion into the heart of Alaska’s biggest city. Our guide’s narratives had woven a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty, leaving indelible marks on their memories.

A Family's Alaskan Odyssey: From Mountain Peaks to City Streets

On a bright Alaskan morning, a family group of six embarked on a journey that would take them from the bustling streets of Anchorage to the serene beauty of the Alaskan wilderness and back, all within the cozy confines of our passenger van. This is the story of their day-long adventure, an Anchorage private tour tailored by Alaskan Sights & Bites, that melded the majesty of nature with the vibrant culinary scene of Anchorage.

Morning Departure and Mountain Ascent
Our day began with a prompt pickup at the family’s hotel, where excitement buzzed in the air. The van, prepped and ready, headed north along the Parks Highway, leaving the city’s hum behind. Our first destination was a mountainside overlook at Arctic Valley, where Anchorage lay spread out below us like a living map. Here, in the crisp mountain air, the family made memories against the city’s panoramic backdrop, a testament to Alaska’s grandeur.

Journey to South Fork Falls
Further north, our adventure continued with a short hike to South Fork Falls. The path wound through verdant landscapes, offering glimpses of the untamed wilderness that defines Alaska. Upon reaching the falls, the family was greeted by the soothing sounds of cascading water—a serene moment to absorb the natural beauty surrounding them.

An Encounter with Reindeer in Palmer
Next on our itinerary was the Reindeer Farm in Palmer, a unique Alaska highlight. A member of the family that owns the farm welcomed us, leading the group on a private tour of this enchanting place. Members of our private group interacted with the reindeer, gaining insights into these gentle creatures’ lives and the farm’s operations. It was an intimate experience, fostering a connection with Alaska’s wildlife and agricultural heritage.

Culinary Discovery in Anchorage
With appetites whetted by fresh air and activity, we returned to Anchorage for a gastronomic tour. Our food-focused journey took us through the city’s culinary landmarks, where the family indulged in Alaska’s distinctive flavors. Each stop was a celebration of local produce and culinary creativity, from freshly caught seafood to innovative dishes that told the story of the region’s diverse influences.

Views at Point Woronzof
As the day neared its end, we made one final stop at Point Woronzof. The view of Cook Inlet, with its vast expanse and the sun casting golden hues over the water, provided a breathtaking backdrop for reflection and photography. It was a fitting finale to a day filled with discovery and delight.

A Return to Begin Again
Finally, we drove the family back to their hotel, our journey coming full circle. The ride was filled with laughter, recounting the day’s adventures, and a shared sense of fulfillment.

This private tour was more than a simple excursion; it was a day where memories were forged amidst the natural splendor and culinary richness of Alaska. For the family, it was a special exploration of what makes this region so profoundly captivating—an experience thoughtfully crafted by Alaskan Sights & Bites, where every detail was a thread in the tapestry of their Alaskan adventure.

An Impromptu Evening: Discovering Anchorage with New Friends

In the spontaneous spirit that often defines the most memorable adventures, a married couple reached out to Alaskan Sights & Bites, seeking to explore Anchorage’s heart with little more than a day’s notice. What unfolded was an evening that intertwined the threads of history, culinary delights, and personal connection into an experience that would linger in their hearts long after their departure.

A Personalized Welcome
Their journey began at the doorstep of their hotel, where our guide, embodying the warmth and hospitality Alaska is known for, greeted them. With the “midnight sun” light casting a soft glow over the city, they set off on foot, embarking on a 1.5-hour tour designed to peel back the layers of downtown Anchorage.

Strolling Through Time
As they meandered through the streets, the couple was enveloped in stories of the past. Each landmark served as a portal to another era, with tales of pioneering spirits, dramatic landscapes, and the rich tapestry of cultures that shaped Anchorage. The guide’s narrative brought the city’s stone and mortar to life, making history resonate on a personal level.

A Culinary Connection
The walk concluded at a renowned local restaurant, known not just for its cuisine but as a gathering place where stories and lives intersect over the warmth of shared meals. Here, the guide joined the couple for dinner, transitioning from historian to newfound friend. As they dined, the conversation flowed freely, weaving together the guide’s anecdotes of growing up in Alaska with the couple’s own stories, creating a rich tapestry of shared experiences and mutual discovery.

An Evening to Remember
The meal was more than a culinary delight; it was a bridge between worlds, a moment where life stories and laughter were shared with the ease of old friends. The guide’s presence added depth to the experience, turning a simple meal into an exchange of cultures and life stories.

A Fond Farewell
As the evening drew to a close, the guide escorted the couple back to their hotel, their steps slow, not just from the fullness of the meal, but from the reluctance to part ways. At their hotel’s entrance, they said their goodbyes, not as guide and guests, but as friends who had shared a slice of life together.

This impromptu evening tour was a testament to the beauty of spontaneity and the deep connections we can create through the simple acts of sharing stories and breaking bread. For the couple, Anchorage would forever be more than a city; it would be a place where they left a piece of their hearts, intertwined with the history, flavors, and friendships of Alaska.