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Are you visiting Anchorage, Alaska soon? As you count down the days to arrival, you’ll no doubt be looking for travel inspiration.
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Eating Time

Alaska Food History & The Only Anchorage Food Tour In Town The need for a great meal, or at least an adequate one, has driven a lot of Anchorage’s history....

What is Alaskan Cuisine?

Alaskan Cuisine & Culture: A Brief History Humans have been inhabiting Alaska, the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’, since at least 10,000 BCE, a time during which a land mass...

Wildlife Watching Around Anchorage

Wild Alaska, the 49th state in the union, sits in the furthest Northwest corner of North America. It is both the largest state by area and the least densely populated...

What Makes Anchorage and Alaska Special?

Out of the fifty states, The Last Frontier, is large in size but not in people, yet it receives millions of visitors each year, and you’ll soon understand why. If...

10 Curious Facts About Alaska

1. Wasilla, Alaska’s Wal-Mart sells more duct tape than any other Wal-Mart store in the world. The city of Wasilla, Alaska, was named “Honorary Duct Tape Capital of the World...
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